5 myths about counseling

When we think about health ,the first thing that comes to our mind is physical health and we easily ignore mental health, whereas Health=Physical health + Mental health and this both gives us holistic health.In this process to attain holistic health, mental health is of paramount importance.

When you are taking therapy for your physical health, people and society consider it to be highly positive and consider it normal. But, when they hear that you are  taking psychological Counseling offline/online, there are all sorts of questions and rigid ideas that society has put forward, which is why many individuals refrain from talking about the mental health care they are getting.

But, the thing is, taking mental health therapy is as normal as taking physical therapy or treatment. It’s only the misinformation and the narrow-minded ideas, which are making the whole fuss about how abnormal it is to take psychological counseling .

But, don’t worry, this article will discuss those myths and dismiss them with adequate reasoning.

1.Individuals with only Serious Mental Ailments should seek Psychological Consultation


Many people consider that in order to take psychological treatment, one must have a severe mental disorder or ailment. But, in reality, it’s quite different. People can also seek out psychologists for their day-to-day struggles with anxiety, stress, and depression. In a few simple words, psychologists are trained to help people with all sorts of mental concerns, regardless of their severity. People can reach psychologists for positive intervention for self enhancement, career enhancement,  thriving relationships, potential development, positive parenting and enhancing quality of life.

2.It is Easy to Open up In front of Parents and Friends


When going through depression, stress, and anxiety, many people recommend that an individual should open up in front of their family or friends instead of going after a psychologist. Well, it can be quite hard, depending on the reason for your condition to open up in front of a person, who might judge you for that reason. But, a psychologist won’t judge you and will listen to your complete story. In addition to this, a psychologist is properly trained with adequate skills to treat cognitive, emotional, and behavioral issues. Non-judgemental attitude is a must and is a facilitator in opening up in front of a psychologist.

3.Counseling is all about talking about My Upbringing


It is wrong to think that all problems are due to an upbringing and quite common misconception among people is that counseling is all about looking at one’s childhood, parent, family culture or upbringing. But, in reality, every psychological counseling is tailored according to certain conditions that an individual is facing. A psychologist will help you to seek out different approaches to deal with your situation effectively and in a healthy manner.

4.Counseling takes a Long Time and is Expensive

One of the most profound misconceptions about psychological treatment is that it takes a long time and is like writing a blank cheque for a needless reason. Well, it is not true at all. These days, in order to ensure quality treatment, psychologists take fees in accordance with the financial strength of an individual. Experienced Experts are trained to use eclectic  and integrative approaches  to treat  in  less sessions.

5.It Doesn’t Work for Me


If you have already opted for a psychologist and the outcome was not as effective as you might have anticipated, then you should not conclude that psychologist counseling online/offline is not for you. Each psychologist uses a different approach. Furthermore, your comfort level  with the psychologist matters significantly for the therapy to work out. So, make sure you are selecting  the right  psychologist with the right skills and expertise you are consulting so you can see the positive  results for yourself.

In a nutshell, there are all sorts of misconceptions and myths regarding psychological counseling. But, all of these myths are baseless and irrational. So, if you are considering taking consultation for your day-to-day life, you should not get afraid of any stigma. After all, it is your life that you are hoping to improve.

It Does Work For ME


Your life is in your hand therefore My Mental Health is My Priority!

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