Supervised Internship Training Course (Students)

● UG Training INR 2500 / 60 Hours
● PG Training INR 3500 / 80 Hours

 Specially Designed for UG, PG, Psychology programs of Distance Learning students

Conducted by Team of Sr. Experts Psychologists

Course Details 
  • Case History Taking
  • Mental Status Examination
  • Psychometric Assessments

  • Psychotherapies :Indigenous, BT, REBT, CBT, SFBT.

  • Scientific Spiritual Techniques

  • Basic Counselling Skills

  • Report Writing

Supervised Learning Training Course, SLTC (For Working Professionals) Interdisciplinary Integration of Mental Health Model (IIMHM)

● INR 6000 / 20 Hours
  • To help learner to know the relevance and importance of mental health in every day life
  • To enable learner  interdisciplinary integration to promote positive mental health
  • To enhance relevant required skills to act as mental health change catalyst
  • Research based pedagogy for scientific learning in the  field of mental health

 Course coverage:

  • Relevance and importance of the mental health issues/ problems in society,nation and World
  • Interdisciplinary Integration model
  • Skills and Techniques relevant to the practice field (organization, positive, counseling, clinical, health etc)
  • Focused Research/Project work in the respective field.

Scientific Research Skill Training Course (Research Internship)

INR 8000 / 30 Hours
  • To help participants to learn the basic steps of conducting research for thesis writing or Pre-PhD work/ preparation for synopsis writing.
  •  To enhance scientific research skills and   insight for effective conduction of research
Course Details 
  • Why research ,background, introduction of research area
  • Review of literature for gap analysis and topic selection 
  • Statistic treatment and analysis
  • Result interpretation and conclusion
  • Recommendation and application of research outc
Learning Outcomes:
  • Duration: 30hrs (flexi- online and offline mode)
  • Credits: 2 credits (1 credit is equal to 10 hrs of teaching,training and supervised guidance)
  • Total Fees: INR 8000 for 30hrs
  • Take-away: Certificate will be  given based on the fullfillment of credit requirements.