Spirituality is a simple, scientific and sustainable way to deal and manage stress level to live a stress-free life. Spirituality is the foundation of sustainability. One of the scientific proven techniques is Meditation. It is a scientific way/approach to calm mind for peacefulness and to achieve blissful ecstasy. This is the truth of life 

Come and Join session for beginners

Basic level Meditation - duration 10 hrs (1 credits)

Fee -No charges for registration,
Mode-online /offline / hybrid

Learn focused breath meditation along with scientific Brain Exercises

Course Details 

What you will learn? Content of the course

  • Why meditation is required in our daily life?
  • Link of meditation, spirituality and brain science
  • Role of breathing exercise /Brain exercise/Brain Gym /Pranayam
  • Chanting Om
  • Listening to Rhythm of Breath
  • Focusing on third eye /Breath meditation
  • Self -Reflective Journal Project
Learning Outcomes:

Advance level Meditation -20 hours (2 credits)

Fees -INR 5000
Mode -Online/Offline /Hybrid

Learn meditation to enhance positivity in life

Course Details 

Positivity ratio live experiential training

Sit in a relax posture,spine erect , deep breathing,focus on the mid eyebrow and select one positive emotion like happiness, joy, love, cheerful,  compassion, gratitude, hope, peace, enthusiasm with further guidance and training you will measure your positivity ratio and its effect on your life.

Self Guided Intervention Training

Self Directional learning Journal Project  

Learning Outcomes:

Learned level Meditation -30 hrs (3 credits)

Fees- INR 7500
Mode -Online/Offline /Hybrid

Practice of silence to achieve stillness (energy of understanding) for miraculous life.

In India 1st feb is celebrated as the day of Mauni Amavasya which is symbolic of the need “to be still”.People practise silence to be still to search for a deeper purpose of life.This should be part of our daily practice to find solutions for our distress to de-stress for self-management techniques. Aurobindo and Mahatma Gandhi  choose “mauna”to go deeper into the evolution of the human spirit and Gandhi choose mauna to be guided by the Inner Voice in navigating his public life. So “Mauna”can be taught as one of the powerful techniques to manage our daily life stressors. Mauna can enhance Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Agility.The state of Mauna -Stillness lies at the heart of all spiritual traditions alluding to a dimensions of consciousness far beyond thinking mind where in one becomes “ aware of awareness”itself of a “silence within” which is one’s “own self” Moving from silence to stillness is the inner road taken by those who search for deeper purpose of life. Thich Nhat Hanh refers to this transforming voice of silence as the “power of quiet” in the world full of noise . He would gently prod people to heed to this “eloquent sound of silence” in which we can hear the call of “life and love”

Course Details 
  • Know science of silence and it’s effects on mental health
  • Journey from silence to stillness
  • Practicing techniques
  • Mandatory hours of silence practice
  • Self-Understanding Energy Project
Learning Outcomes: