How Do I Choose The Right Consultant Psychologist

The role of a psychologist is to help individuals with mental health conditions as well as general life problems. Thus, it is very much important that the individual finds a qualified psychologist with Experience, Expertise and Right Skills (areawise-Counselling, Organizational, Education, Clinical, Career, Relationship, Positive intervention etc) .

One thing you should remember here is that not every psychologist works the same. While a particular psychologist seemed to be working for your friend might not work out for you. As the whole process also involves your compatibility and personal preferences. In addition to this, some psychologists practice or specialize in only certain conditions, in that case, you should seek out a psychologist having expertise and experience in your concerned area.

As mentioned earlier, when it comes to choosing a psychologist involves both personal and professional factors. If you are looking to find the best  psychologist consultation(Online/Offline), keep reading this article to the end.

Factors to be Considered

Below listed are the factors that are needed to be considered when it comes to an Online/Offline psychologist consultation.


A psychologist uses different approaches depending on the type of condition a certain individual has. It can be simple consultation, administering psychological testing, or even applying therapies.

If the approach or method chosen by the psychologist is appropriate for your condition, then the chances of you getting better will be more. In present days a more eclectic or integrative approach works best for many.


In order for the therapy to work out, one should consider choosing a psychologist with whom he or she feels compatible and services offered are in guidelines and follow ethical practices. They should have enough confidence to share their things with the psychologist which is only possible when the person finds the psychologist reliable with a good track record and success in the treatment of the clients .

Cost of Service

The cost of therapy varies depending upon factors like qualification ,Experiences,Expertise and Reputation & Success rate of the treatment.

In the case of excellent online psychologist consultation, the fees are  affordable and accessible to the pan India population.

In case of offline psychologist consultation, area and locality wise fees can be checked


The title of doctoral psychologist is earned through rigorous training and practice.

In addition to this, an effective psychologist should have a minimum of 5 years of experience within the field. So, consider looking at a psychologist’s experience for the effectiveness of your therapy.

Once you consider all the above-mentioned factors, now is the time for you to ask certain questions to the psychologist you are choosing.

Questions to be asked to the Psychologist 

  • What are their qualifications/university?
  • What is his or her (Psychologist) area of expertise and interest?
  • What are their fees entailed? Do they accept health insurance as per government guidelines?
  • What scientific approaches are they going to undertake?

Finding an online/offline psychologist consultation is not that hard. Only when you know about the things to consider when finding one. In your journey of finding the right psychologist, this article is going to help you efficiently to identify one.

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